Friday, 23 September 2011

Published in Eastern Chronicle Dt. 18-06-2011


The peace of Deopahar Forest, the home to many endangered animal species, has been shattered by the frequent firing practices conducted by Police Training Centre (PTC), Dergaon at the firing range situated inside the forest. Such firing practices have brought a sense of insecurity among the animal species. Sometimes even the local people were also alarmed at the increasing rate of firing practice which has transformed the place almost into a war zone. Matters turns worst on 11th  June when a Battalion from PTC Dergaon was undergoing training on handling Signal Bomb, parts of live cartridges came flying from the firing range and cause panic in the adjoining areas of NRL, Township, Na-Pathar Village and Deopahar forest. Incidents such as causing harm to human lives have also occurred on many instances when local villagers goes to collect the empty shell and live cartridges.
However the worst affected are the animals for whom the Deopahar Forest is their home and out of panic, desperation the animal roam hither and thither in seeking safe shelter. Recently a group of jumbos from Deopahar Forest broke the boundary wall of NRL Township and caused havoc inside the township for quite some time. It was later learnt that the jumbos were terrified by high intensity sound produced by the constant shelling and firing practices carried out at the firing range. Such incidents have aroused great concern among the people and many such incidents are likely to follow in the future if prompt is not taken in order to stop such practices.

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