Friday, 23 September 2011

Published in Eastern Chronicle Dt. 31-08-2011

At the time when the govt. is spending crores of rupees for the advancement of information technology and has set up establishment like National Informatics Centre (NIC) exclusively for the purpose.  But such endeavor of the govt. have been proved futile when some govt. employees are making a mockery of all goodwill gesture of the govt. This fact is aptly proved by some shocking information on the official website of Golaghat Dist. Administration. On May 17th a news in this regard has been published in Eastern Chronicle and later that news was published in many other dailies with equal importance.  As a consequence of the news report the website has been shut down for the last three months. If anyone today wants to have an access to the website, the reply “Cannot find server” is displayed on the screen.  Among the anomalies pointed out by the media regarding the website were Aideo Handique, the first female cine star of Assam who expired in 2002 have been mentioned in the website as still being alive, the hot water spring at Garampani was listed as being located in Golaghat Dist, the website also listed Harendra Nath Bora as the present DC of Golaghat etc. Moreover many prominent educational institutions and eminent personalities did not find a mention in the website. When this correspondent filed an application under RTI Act seeking more information on the website, Deepak Goswami, the senior technical director and public information officer of NIC, Assam vide its letter no. NIC (ASSC)-RTI/2011/3 has provided some information about the website. As per the information provided the technical maintenance including domain registration, renewal, website design, hosting and contents uploading in the NIC web server, whenever provided by the Dist. Administration is done by Pranab Chakraborty, District Informatics Officer, NIC, Golaghat. If the website is maintained and designed by Pranab Chakraborty then how come names of Anirban Singha and Abhinash Singha find a mention in the website as a designer and developer and banner designer respectively. When contacted Chakraborty, as when they will relaunch the website, he said that a new committee will be formed under the present DC to monitor the relaunch. But the big question of the hour is that when the dist. administration took three months to form a committee, to collect new datas and information then how long they will take to relaunch the website.

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